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Glamour India The Dream Makers offer Women & Men optimal experiences, inspiring them to Wish, Dream, and Stun.

Welcome to Glamour India The Dream Makers!

We provide a platform for Premier State & National Pageants for married and unmarried women & men.

We believe in talent to be cherished and brought forward in front of society, which can be persuaded ahead in the field of Entertainment and Fashion.
Founded by Mrs. Rita Sharma , the company believes in giving the best to society.

Fashion Show

We understand that beauty pageants are more than just a competition. There is a platform for married and unmarried women & men to showcase their talents, gain confidence, and make a difference in their communities. That is why we take great pride in providing our contestants with the best possible experience, from start to finish.


But we don't just stop there. We also provide our contestants with the opportunity to gain valuable skills through training and workshops, and to give back to their communities through charitable initiatives. We believe that beauty pageants should not just be about physical beauty, but also about inner beauty and the ability to make a positive impact.


Mrs. Rita Sharma, Director of "Glamour India-The Dream Makers" and an international model, is a visionary and new-age businesswoman in the world of beauty and fashion.


Her company organizes top-end beauty pageants around the country that showcase the finest fashion statements of our times. Many of the participating finalists & winners have been recognized for some brilliant work in the field of modeling, acting, theatre, ramp shows, commercial advertisements, music videos & much more.


Glamour India The Dream Makers is one of the leading organizations which conduct Beauty Pageants that are popular around the country. Glamour India The Dream Makers Beauty Pageant is one of them.

Glamour India The Dream Makers is synonymous with perfection and grandeur. They are not merely competitions but an effort to bring the beautiful women of India to present their talent to the world in an elegant manner. These pageants allow women with alluring beauty and sharp brains to get well-deserved recognition.

These pageants are commendable efforts in bringing together people of different cultures and groups to be a part of this merriment of womanhood. It gives every deserving married woman a chance to become a celebrity. Eminent personalities from around the country come to judge their talent and skills.

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